Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Another day, another quote .....

So - Mum and Dad left this morning and, as I write this, are nearing home (well - it is a long way away!).  What did I do with my spare time?  why sew of course - there's still the serious business of the block count after all!  So - I started with finishing the Gail Pan block.

Then I finished the pencil block.

Finally I constructed the most recent block ready for blanket stitching tonight.  That makes a count of 8 blocks to go - with two ready for blanket stitch.  I do appreciate that I am fooling myself if I think that I will be up to date by Thursday - particularly as there are a couple of embroidery ones that need completing.  However this concerted effort is making a real difference so I will keep on going!

Hardly the most strenuous of days - so why did my back go when I started to hoover up?  I'm glad mum didn't take the second walking stick with her!!  Seriously, its annoying, but didn't stop me having Wendy around for a coffee - she had come to get a pattern for a badge that we are both making for the "Festival of Quilts" next week - and the pooches disgraced themselves by running out of the door to greet her - and then kept on running!

Meanwhile I have had a second man in to quote for the garden.  It turns out that he's the partner of a former student and could end up being a regular gardener if I wanted one.  I will await his costings.  So - that's my day - sewing, talking and, aherm, an afternoon nap!  Hardly rock n roll - more like recuperating me thinks!

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  1. It lovely to have visitors but Always nice to have your house back,

    Blocks looking really good.

    And better get that back better , got to carry them cases on the train next week!