Monday, 22 August 2016

Another day - another paper project!

After a late bedtime - I was reading too much! - I woke up at a shocking 8:15am!!  Ah well - such is my life but it did result in a late start.  First up was making the rest of the flowers and gluing the sticks in place.

Then I moved onto making the clock.  I figured that stickers are another form of paper so covered a clock shaped box in stickers and then fitted a clock mechanism - so this paper clock is a working clock!

By now the dogs had been walked but the rain was threatening so I loaded up the car with the clock, the flowers, the arm chair and the golden legs and took everything round to the church.  A group of us are planning to head round there tomorrow to start putting it all together - and I will use the hot glue gun then to fix the legs.

The trouble with space and time is that you start to develop other ideas as to what could be done - really, with only 4 days to go?  Toilet roll art, tubular seating etc!  Instead I have given myself a strong talking to - finish the projects that you already have started!  Consequently I returned home to make a basic cushion out of wallpaper to sit behind my bunny rabbit one and then out together 9 wedding favour bird cages with a view to hanging them bunting style somewhere.  The pack had 10 but I figured that I would keep one back to see if I can scan it into my machine as a template for future use.

By now the blind man had arrived - thinking about a comment made by Happymum regarding the red fading quickly,I decided to have a cream magic fit blind fitted so that the room would still appear light and airy, but that the sun's ray's were blocked out.  Of course Daisy liked having some new company to make a fuss of her!

Next up was a very late lunch whilst I caught up with Dragons Den from last night - oh, and cut out some Easter characters for my window display!  By now I was papered out so took the dogs up to the beach (for the first time since the end of June - apart from when Dad drove us up there of course) and spent the rest of the afternoon doing general housework!  It's good to get some distance!

 Tonight's sewing will be the completion of a piece of embroidery for my long forgotten "A quilter lives here" wall hanging.  Then it's straight onto a Christmas project - you can never start soon enough in this house!


  1. 8.15 sounds like a pretty reasonable time to wake if you ask me!
    Paper work looking good and good call on the cream blind.
    As for Christmas....I so want to be like you!!