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Monday, 15 August 2016

Officially declared normal!

So - on today's list of jobs was to ring the doctors and see if the MRI scan report was in.  The initial response was that they suspected not but would check, the next response then shocked me - it was in but the first appointment that I could get with the doctor who referred me was on Wednesday 31st August!!!!!!! oh and yes that included a telephone call!  After a conversation which looked at ways that the hospital might be able to see the report (apparently if I wanted my own copy it would cost me £10!!) I made an appointment with another doctor for next Monday - the first available and that was due to a cancellation!  As we were talking and I was about to hang up, the receptionist said - oh, hang on, a note has just popped up on my screen.  If you ring then I can tell you that the scan has come back normal and that the doctor doesn't want to see you until you have seen the hospital consultants.  So - good news - I am officially normal - but, really!!  There has to be a quicker way to deal with such worrying information!

The rest of the morning was then spent paper folding - my own "Angel of the North" sculpture - which, hopefully will be adorned with paper flowers and greenery,

and these will be turned into a paper flower ball when all 60 have been folded and stuck together.

Housework, of course was done - how did I make so much mess in just over 24 hours? - and this afternoon saw a WI committee meeting along the road from me at Carine's house.  I came away with a lovely jar of homemade blackcurrant jam - enough said! I also got upstairs ready for the new carpet being laid tomorrow - with all of this medical news I quite forgot about my newly decorated bedroom up there!

Tonight?  Well more folding I guess  although Wendy is popping round to raid my Anni Downs fabric box and I would like to do some sewing at some point - otherwise, as we all know, I get withdrawal symptoms! 


  1. What a ridiculous system!! Our doctors have an online system whereby we can access our own results when they are through. Of course the medical jargon means nothing but the "normal, no further treatment required" is all I need to understand! But glad its all ok. Paper folding is looking intriguing I must say!

  2. Good news , glad u o.k.
    And normal!
    I was beginning to wonder lol!