Wednesday, 3 August 2016

okay - so now I admit defeat!

As you will know - I have been targeting these Splendid Sampler blocks - with the notion of reaching block 50 by tomorrow - when it is published.  To date I have actually finished 48 blocks - but some of them are bonus blocks.  Last night I blanket stitched the latest block....

and, today, I made up another block so I have completed 44 "official"blocks and am halfway to blanket stitching the 45th.  Therefore I have failed in my aim.  However on Friday 22nd July I had 20 blocks to complete - and have had visitors in between.  So - not too shabby!  I could continue - but I am going on holiday on Saturday and really ought to start getting ready!!

Today. therefore, started with the emptying of the upstairs room which is being decorated in my absence.  The day then moved onto making an eye patch using Lynette Anderson fabric.

I am going to her workshop next Sunday so also made a needle case for her workshop swap with the same fabric.  I always think that you need a holiday to recover from the preparations - hence the load of washing and ironing that needs to be done - and then a holiday to recover from the holiday!!

At my worst moment of panic last night Wendy sent me through a picture of a Janet Clare brooch that she had made for the festival of quilts - and then offered to make mine - bless xx

Today is also the first anniversary of my official retirement - now where has this year gone?  It's crazy how quickly time is flying isn't it?


  1. Hardly sounds like a defeat to me!
    Cute patches...and what a lovely friend :)

  2. Think you done well with the blocks considering?
    Eye patch and needle case look good,
    You will def be teachers pet with that eye patch!
    Andbrownie points from Janet Clare if you see her?