Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's another case of bad timing!

Firstly let's start with an apology - I thought that I had published the blog yesterday but clearly hadn't - I wondered why no one wrote a reply!!  Anyway that has been sorted now - and I will publish the traditional confessional photo of my purchases at the end of this blog!

I always find the day after a holiday difficult - on the one hand there's lots of work to be done - washing etc, on the other hand I am REALLY tired!  The day started early when Jean came to pick me up and go and fetch the dogs - the house is just too quiet without them so its nice to have them home - albeit Daisy has been flaked out for most of the day and the house is now filled with her debris!

Today the builder came back to lower my craft desk - wow it's good!  There is clearly some work to repair the damage of the wrong fixings (my fault if you recall) but I have seen a nice idea for a fabric "Splashback"!  Whilst he was repairing my damage,  I was starting to think about the church's paper festival.  In less than 2 weeks I have to make a "lounge" out of paper and card - bad timing since I now have a lovely sewing desk to use!

Having made a simple wreath (yes I need some Easter eggs and bunnies I know) I got my Scan and Cut machine out of the box to try it out.  I tried to cut a preloaded design out - my first attempt cut too deep and stuck to the mat but my second attempt worked ok.  Next will come the Easter eggs and bunnies before I move onto scanning my own images in!

Bad timings come in many forms - I had intended to use this clear week to make everything and to clear the landing upstairs ready for a new carpet.  Oh dear how life must be laughing at me!  I came back to find two more hospital appointments - in addition to the one I had due for Thursday.  So I am at Grimsby hospital on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!!  Each one seeing a different department  - and I don't even know the results of the MRI scan yet!!  On the bright side I had my holiday away so can't complain!

The rest of the afternoon / evening will be spent making a paper vase and some flowers - my life is soooooooo glamorous but at least I can do that job in front of the tv and catch up on the soaps from last week!

As for my purchases - well, here is the confessional photo!

In case you can't make it out - and please remember that this is from the Lynette Anderson workshop AND the Festival of Quilts - I bought:-

A lampshade kit, A paper ball kit for the paper festival at church, A mini quilt kit, a pack of LA  fat eighths, some blue felt and perle for some projects from my Snowhappy book - the one that Wendy bought me for my birthday, some yarn dyed fabrics (you can't get them easily in this country and Sewingbuddy, Wendy and I have a lovely book which uses them a lot!), two Santa buttons for scamblesby folk, some leather handles for my LA workshop bag, three LA zipper pulls, a LA scissor charm and a pair of appliquick scissiors, a Hugo dog button, some replacement fabric glue sticks, some printable fabric sheets, two linen panels from Cowslip Cottages (near Mum and Dad), the LA pattern for the second day project, a kit for the LA spool holder and some spare spools - I have 20 but need 24 if its full! - some more yarn dyed hexagons, three 1/2 m of French General neutral fabrics for the Splendid Sampler, some muted fat quarters for a Janet Clare pattern that I bought a couple of weeks ago, some cream on cream fabric for embroidery and some sky fabric for a trial project, a black mat and appliqué sheets for the appliquick needle turn technique that we learnt at the workshop, a project case to add a LA embroidery to and some Terial Magic for the Scan and Cut.  It's a lot I know - but, as you can see from the description, a number of items were bought with specific projects in mind! Oh - and why the empty fudge packet?  Well - that was our treat from Janet Clare for wearing our doggy badge that Wendy kindly sewed.  Trust me  at the end of the day that sugar boost was much appreciated!

I will also add a photo of a quilt pattern which Wendy bought - now this could be our next project Sewingbuddy!!


  1. Phew I am out of breath after reading that list of goodies!! First day back is never easy...way too quiet after being around folk most of the time. Be eagerly awaiting news on the appointments.

  2. Confession time!!!! I gave up reading the list after the first dozen items!!!!!! Did you take an empty suitcase? xxxxx

    1. all vital supplies - and no, no suitcase needed!

  3. Wow!
    Felt like Bruce forsythe on the generation game reading that list!
    What do points make - PRIZES,!!!!!

  4. P.s

    Couldn't see the pattern well from the picture , will have to show me in the flesh.
    But could be interesting.