Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mixing with the Stars

TWell, after a fantastic nights sleep and an early start , Carine, Wendy, Julie, Jean and I met at the NEC. Yes 8:45am might be a tad early for a 10am start but, by 9:30, we were in the queue being given instructions and waiting for a man to bring down the chequered flag - yes, I kid you not!!
First stop was, of course, the Lynette Anderson stall - for Wendy of course!  We met like old friends ( am I fooling myself?) and had a good matter about last week's workshop and how we have booked already for next year ( apparently her staff back in Australia don't know anything about this yet so she's going to have to warn them!).   Now I should add, at this stage , that I have mainly stuck to my shopping list - with just a few extra purchases!  So - no grief please about buying more LA products!

Then it was onto the rest of the shopping list - including a lampshade kit!  Having seen a crafting programme where they designed a landscape and then mounted it - I thought - why not give it a try?

Of course there were breaks for coffee and lunch - you had to restore your sugar levels after all - and I did bump into My sister in law who had submitted a wonderful quilt on behalf of her thirteen year old students. 

 There was even a meeting of people to share their love of the splendid sampler!


I managed to find the quilt completed by sewingbuddy's granddaughter and friends in their primary school after school craft group 


And came across this lovely but simple quilt which would make good use of my new scan and cut machine..

However by two I was definitely flagging! Everything in my list had been purchased and I was ready for home.  Now we just need to peel the others away. For Julie and Carine, this has been their first real quilt show - I am sure that it won't be their last!


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  1. Sounds like a fab day and lovely to see pieces when you know the makers.