Friday, 19 August 2016

I really love those creative kind of days!

Today started with a quick dash up to The Range for more paper supplies (gosh how I love a quick emergency dash - Amazon sales will fall sharply now that I can drive again!).  Armed with crepe paper, 12 x 12 squares of paper for large flowers etc, I arrived home to finally make a start on my cardboard armchair.  The first job was to botch together an armchair shaped box.

Then I started to cover it with layers of newspaper and wallpaper paste.  Judging by the state of this after 4 hours - I think that it will need leaving for 24 hours at least!  The plan is to cover it, patchwork style, with wall paper and I have gold paint spray for the toilet roll legs.

That left me with time on my hands - so I started to fiddle with my supplies.  I wanted to create some form of paper flowers / twisting greenery around my paper "Angel of the north" statue.  I am not happy with it yet but I am getting somewhere.

After a conversation with the churchwarden, Michelle, I then set to with my Scan N Cut machine and cut out 48 doves to hang on our remembrance tree.  I've saved the template so can cut out more if needed.

It's book club tonight so no sewing - but my next job is to try knitting with raffia.  A lounge isn't complete without some knitting - right?


  1. Busy ,busy then
    That scan and cut machine is coming in very handy.
    Are you going to sit in the chair to test it?

  2. do take on some projects and this has to be the whackiest!