Monday, 8 August 2016

Take three ladies, a sat nav, google maps, aa route planner an atlas and a free daily mail map - what do you get?


Several times!

My day started early with a full English and some sewing on the bed whilst I waited for Julia and Trisha to arrive around 11:30 and pick me up.  They had managed perfectly well without me yet the 90 min journey to our hotel turned into a 5 hour marathon ( although we did stop at the services for lunch). The sat nav wanted to take us back to Sheffield ( we are staying just outside Hungerford). And the phone managed well with google maps until we went up and down the Hungerford road several times!

Anyway we are here and have settled into our rooms.  There is a full programme of activities planned for the week ( although we are planning some day trips out) and tonight, after our three course meal , we will enjoy a Las Vegas entertainment evening!  Typical of our holidays the archery instructor left last week ( we are going to suggest that I lead the classes - I've done it once before after all). Whilst Julia wants to try the ear candle treatment but doesn't want to see the wax pouring out - it's going to be one of those weeks!

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