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Saturday, 20 August 2016

We are not just any old delivery drivers - we're M & S drivers!

Last night was book club - we meet around 7, order drinks and our meal and then chat until the email comes - waiting until others who are not eating to join us before discussing the books.  Cue light bulb moment - I took some paper squares with me and pleaded for help making paper flowers.  They kindly joined in and we managed to fold 150 flowers - even Jenny who REALLY doesn't do craft joined in!

Happymum mentioned yesterday that the paper festival was a whacky idea - it sure is!  Which is why today saw me continue with the armchair - this time starting to trim off the wallpaper samples and then trying to stick them on patchwork style.

Meanwhile I also started to make a cushion by crumpling up cartridge paper to break down the fibres and make it more fabric like.  then I printed off a couple of Easter bunnies and used the sewing machine to appliqué them.  My plan is to use crepe paper as a ruffle border and then stuff - with paper of course!  Sorry that the photo is upside down.

Around noon my new bedroom furniture from M & S arrived.  They showed up, showed me their identification, rolled out a carpet runner to ensure that they didn't walk any dirt into the house and then put plastic covering over their shoes as they took the furniture upstairs - each time they went outside the coverings were removed and then put back on once they went on their runner - all extremely professional!  The furniture was placed into the room - none of this "delivery to the kerb" - and all packaging was taken away!  Now I just need a bed and bedside tables!

 As for knitting with raffia - well it's grown since I took this picture but at least I have enough to hang out of my paper knitting bag.  I really want to see everything together and find out how it turns out!  This week will see a number of journeys back and forth to church - its a good job I can drive now!

Tonight I am planning on watching "The Imitation Game" - our next WI meeting has someone from Bletchley Park talking about the Codebreakers so I thought that this could be interesting background.  I am also planning on doing some embroidery - so what's new you say!


  1. Bedroom looking really nice.
    P.s don't let Margret see it
    And if she knew you could drive , you would be able to pick her up from the coach too!
    What a good service from m& s, shame other companies can't learn from it.

  2. What excellent service indeed! Well done for roping in all those spare hands!!