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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Just call me Florence

After a difficult night - why am I not getting to sleep much before 1am - I am tired when I go to bed and then I wake up again!  I'm putting it down to the increased steroids but who knows.  Anyway after a difficult night, I was awake early to take my next door neighbour to the fracture clinic.  She had been walking the dog and heard a pop in her ankle.  After it started to swell and hurt, her husband took her to A & E and they put a temporary cast on it.  Today she had to go back and have a permanent cast put on - but her husband was at work and, like me, she's an independent lady  and doesn't like asking for help.  Not only that but it turns out that her appointment card was written out wrongly for Wed 30th August - she should have gone yesterday!  However they agreed it was their fault and, after a wait, she was seen and a bright purple cast was put on.  We were home by lunchtime so the wait had not been too long!

Once I had dropped her off, I popped around to church to empty it of my bits and pieces.  Most of the displays will stay in the car until Friday when it can go straight to the tip - its a shame but it has served its fundraising objective.  Tomorrow, however, I can start to ring around the raffle prize winners who don't live in the village and arrange for the collection of prizes.  On my way home the car phone leapt into life - It was Jean ringing to ask a question about the sewing at Scamblesby on Sunday.  Since I had a raffle prize for someone she would be seeing tomorrow, I made a quick detour and dropped the prize off whilst answering the query.

Once home, and fed, I started to complete the Lavender Ravioli (yes Sewingbuddy it is William Morris!)  but was feeling absolutely shattered.  I did manage to fumble my way through a recording of Dragons Den whilst ironing but then succumbed to the sofa for a   lost hour or so!  I was that comfortable that I didn't want to wake up.

But I had to - it's the Great British Bake Off tonight and I needed to make the Lemon and Poppy Seed drizzle cake from last night.  It's cooking at the moment so I will report back tomorrow - but it is a recipe from the star baker!

Of course I also need to complete my voucher from the Woman Magazine so that I can rejoin Slimming World and save myself £10 - bad timing, but hey life is like that some time.  So far I have been sponsored to the total of £1 per pound, £10 per stone and several fixed amounts promised - one of which is £5.  I would love to raise £100 as my contribution so I guess that I ought to get myself in gear then!  The meal plan is written and, as of tomorrow morning, I am good to go!

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