Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Shhh - I am beginning to see light at the end of this tunnel!

Well - I did manage to sew last night - some of the embroidery from my Lynette Anderson workshop whilst I watched the 160 laps of Mark Cavendish's Olympic cycle race.  If I recall right, I seem to remember how devastated he was at the London Olympics that he didn't win a medal so I was willing him on.  I was so pleased that he achieved the silver and that he admitted the gold medal went to a worthy opponent.

For some reason I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep so started to read - only noticing after a while that I could read without my eye patch - Things still seemed double when I put on my long range glasses and looked forward - but that's progress isn't it?  This was backed up when I attended the first hospital appointment of the week - after an exhaustive number of steps, the "orthoptic doctor" declared that I had good 3d vision and should try reading for periods of time without the eye patch.  In terms of my distance glasses, she then stuck a prism onto one lens which suddenly forced both eyes to focus on the same point - hence no need for an eye patch - wow!  I asked what this meant re driving and she said to talk to the doctor tomorrow but suggested that I should inform the DVLA that the double vision had been corrected back to single vision so can I drive now?  I shall report back after tomorrow - but trust me that application is being filled in!  In the mean time I need to go back in 4 weeks to check on my eyes and to make sure that there has been more progress.

On to more mundane things - today the carpet was laid in the upstairs bedroom so I hung the curtains and put up the new lampshade.  The carpet still needs a good hoover  and some new furniture arrives on Saturday - but we are getting there!

I also continued with the paper folding - the squares of double sided paper have now been turned into 5 petal flowers and then stuck together into groups of 6 - two sides of a ball.  The next step is to crack open the PVA glue and put the 2 sides together.  I have to say that I am impressed with the effect so far though.

After a lost half an hour - which would have been longer if Daisy (who is now fast asleep by the side of me) had not decided that she wanted some attention! - and a short dog walk (its far too hot), it's now time to start the armchair.  I have put this task off since it's the focal point of my "paper room" so if it goes wrong ...................................................................

This evening?  Well there's more cycling on so I guess  that means more sewing - it just has to be done!


  1. Fab news about the eyes and hoping the DVLA give you your wheels back!
    Room is looking good and petals too!

    1. Thanks - I am not sure how long the DVLA will take but I have filled the form in, will need to ask one or two questions on it tomorrow and then can post Monday morning when I have seen the gp. At least that will start the process going.

  2. What good news,
    Must be a relief!
    What are you doing to the armchair?

    1. I am constructing a basic shape in cardboard and then covering "patchwork" style with wallpaper - well that's the plan anyway!

  3. Brilliant news!! Hopefully back to normal soon.
    Flowers look lovely. Well done.xxxxx