Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Why, oh why do i do this to myself?


This morning I spent some time, with others, around at church trying to present our creations.  It is only when you start to do this that you realise how many gaps there are and how much there is still to do.  Which is why I have come home with a list of things to make / buy as long as your arm - and there's only 3 days to go - yikes!  Not only that but the back of my neck aches and I think that I need to get my tens machine out tonight!

The "lounge" is starting to come together - but still needs a lot more props - which is why, this afternoon, I started a magazine rolled table - don't ask!  I have a sturdy cardboard tube, which I will spray and use as the base.  Meanwhile I am cutting up 1 inch strips and rolling round in a circular fashion - using pva to secure each strip as I go.  This will be a long task!

Meanwhile I need to make a white flower ball for the winter area, construct a toilet roll piece of art to go on top of the piano, paper mache some eater eggs etc etc etc!  As I said in the title - why?

As you may have guessed I have moved into frenetic mode and so there is not much else going on in my life to reflect and report on!  Tomorrow, the Great British Bake Off is back and I am very tempted to follow the practice of Happymum who watches the programme, armed with a piece of cake that they have made from a recipe used the week before.  Clearly I don't know yet what recipes they are trying tomorrow night but I have some bananas to use up so am very tempted, tomorrow, to make some banana cake using this recipe from Nigella Lawson - it's a mmmmmmm favourite of mine!

Ah well - back to the cutting and sticking - perhaps some paper mache eggs whilst tea cooks!

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  1. My oh my you do take on some projects don't you! Probably too late to suggest, but would spray glue make that task easier/quickier?
    Looking forward to tomorrow night and had forgotten we made a cake each week to enjoy whilst watching..thanks for the reminder!