Thursday, 18 August 2016

Here we go again.

If it's a weekday then it must be a hospital appointment - well, I might be exaggerating but that's how it feels!  Today's appointment was with the consultant that I see regularly about my temporal arteritis and he declared my eyes fit and well (phew).  Although he didn't actually say it, I do think that he believes the eye problem was connected to the TA and he has said that I will have to be on a low dosage of steroids for the rest of my life - if that stops the eye sight going then bring it on!

Did I mention that I drove to the appointment?  Yep!! I drove - and then drove onto B & Q for some supplies before heading home.  Oh the joy and freedom!!  Of course, by now it's lunchtime, the house needs de-daisying and there's washing etc to be sorted.  In addition I can't let a day go by without making something for the paper festival - so started to make some more flowers to put into vases in my area and around the church.  These will be made the same as before but with 5 petals stuck onto a stick so that they can stand in the vase.

This afternoon the rocking chair is due for delivery (oh those MRI memories) and then I need to pop Millie through to the vets.  I think that she has a light dose of Kennel cough and want to nip it in the bud.  Hence the early publication of this blog as I also need to go out tonight to the WI craft group - we are making felt poppies for the WI wreath this year.

Sewing wise I finished the Lynette Anderson workshop embroidery last night - next step is the 200 hexagons to be sewn together in a random fashion!  Anni Downs has also messaged me congratulating me on her fabric win - lets  hope that it gets here soon!

In addition Wendy wanted 126 3/4 inch hexagons.  Never fear, says I, I have a Scan and Cut!  An hour later I had cut her a set and myself - this is sure a steep learning curve - but fun!!


  1. Delighted you have your freedom back!! It must feel great!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the rocking chair and all the 'paper' things. Keep going. xxxxxx

  2. Good news again today at the hospital.
    Seem to be getting the hang of the new machine quickly, clever you.

  3. Great news about the hospital and welcome back to the world of wheels!
    Lovely embroidery.
    Hope Millie is ok