Friday, 5 August 2016

Warning - mad woman rant ahead

Now - lets get the rant over and done with!  One of my guilty pleasures is watching Celebrity Big Brother.  Now let's swiftly move on from thinking who is this person - half of them are so "famous" that I have never heard of them.  Some , I understand, are from programmes designed to shock and therefore their behaviour in the house is, I guess, to be expected.  But really!!  So - if you don't watch it then what am I talking about?  An American called Aubrey- who, incidentally I had been impressed with her creativity and intelligence when she was on the American "celebrity Apprentice " show - was tasked with bringing someone a drink and a sandwich - which she did and watched him eat and drink - knowing that she had spat in his food.   After being told off she apologised saying that it was just a joke and that she hadn't realised it was wrong!!!

Later the next evening the same guy was being very "passive aggressive" to another guy who stood up to home.  The first guy lost it hurling a mug at a window - shattering it - and then proceeded to shout, hurl abusive and be violent in the diary room - only behaving like a scared child when the large security man stepped in.  Now, don't get me wrong, people can behave how they wish in their own privacy and these sort of programmes prove this type of behaviour for the ratings.  But I really wish that they could see how if affects young people and how it normalises such behaviour in their eyes!!!

On a nicer note, the WI BBQ went well last night - Jean came second with her wine charm - and Today has been spent getting ready for my holiday - packing, tidying etc.  The house sitter has been sorted, the dogs will be well cared for and I will come back to a nicely decorated bedroom.  The only fly in the ointment is that I have dismantled the wifi etc, expecting my guy to come round and lower the craft bench - but he's just rung to say it will have to be done when I get back.  Grrrr!

Health wise I have been anxious to get to today with no appointments for next week.  My heart was in my mouth when there was an envelope from the hospital - but it was for a fortnight's time so that's okay.


  1. Know just what you mean about the media "normalising" ridiculous of the reasons I stopped watching soaps when my kids came along. Phew re the appointments, and if you don't get wifi when you are away...have a lovely time and look forward to the catch up :)

  2. My grandchildren havent had TV, of course they have a computer so do get to see what their parents approve.
    I hope you are healing nicely