Monday, 10 July 2017

Ah well - suck it up!

Today was the normal routine of Textile Group and Slimming World -made all the more trying due to another sleep deprived night (I am moving back upstairs tonight!).  At the Textile group we worked hard making more fabric flowers for next year and trying out Louise's  Tulip pattern - we will be prepared - honest!

This afternoon, however, didn't quite go to plan!  Having been good all week, apart from yesterday's cake, I wasn't ready for the scales to show - wait for it - an increase of 3 1/2 lbs!  Yikes!  My only explanation is that this may be a fall out from the increased steroids - I certainly feel as if there is a lot of water retention going on.  Frustrated?  Yes.  However I am not deterred - onwards and upwards is my motto - the menu for the week has been planned, food ordered from Tesco's to be delivered tomorrow and the planner taken out of mothballs - everything will be written down next week - within an inch of its life!  We are too close to my holiday to fall at this particular hurdle!

Tonight, if I can stay awake long enough, will be more handsewing.  This past week has been a tiring one and I have several sewing projects set aside for the forthcoming , quieter, week!


  1. Grr don't you just hate it when you have been good and then don't get the pay off! But well done for sticking at it, it will pay off in the end. Give that naughty Daisy a good talking to!

  2. What a blow!
    And you being so good resisting sausage rolls and scones with clotted cream on Sunday!
    Maybe it is the steroids, but don't give in, it's got to pay off in the end!