Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Another one ticked off the list!

 After another fairly sleepless night (due mainly to my mind going into overdrive about how to sort out Mum and Dad's wardrobe space - they have more than before but not necessarily in a useful format so I am going there on Friday to "sort it out" - they REALLY don't know what they are in for he he!) it seemed hard to get going today.  With my Scamblesby sewing day approaching on Friday, I started with some preparation - cutting and ironing etc to amass three kits (I will probably only do the first one!)  I am planning to make my own handbag for the forthcoming family wedding so that I can get the colour I want - so that was my first task!

With the day getting warmer as the morning moved on, I then decided to get some fresh air and do some light gardening - weeding and pruning of the left over conifer hedge.  The pile is high but I cant see much impact yet - me thinks that this is going to be a long job!

After some general tidying and washing, it was then up to Mum and Dad's to go out for lunch.  You may recall our mission to find 12 cafes / tea shops that I hadn't been to before over the next 12 months?  Well today we went to somewhere that Wendy had recommended and Mum and Dad had tried last week - a place called "Four Candles!" in the next village.  the cakes were to die for and the lunches looked wonderful - but not on a diet.  In the end I chose a chicken, bacon and feta salad (I only had a mixed leaf salad and asked to not have the bread or the coleslaw with it).  The pile of excess feta cheese at the top of the picture was, I estimated, over my allowance and was brought home for another day in a bag that Mum just happened to have!  The cakes were easier to avoid - Mum and Dad bought a piece each to take home!  Mission accomplished and diet maintained!  I have a similar impending problem tomorrow so I hope that I manage as well!

Once home I started to experiment with making a SW friendly "salted caramel cheese cake".  It's a WI meeting tomorrow night so we all have to bring something.  I have "melted" half a Salted Caramel hifi bar in a small individual dish and left to set as the base.  Then I have softened some gelatine leaves and dissolved in some lemon juice and, bearing in mind I don't have any soft cheese, I have whisked it into greek yoghurt and left to set.  Tomorrow I will "melt" a small amount of salted Caramel sauce from M & S and pour on top of each pot.  Hopefully it will work - otherwise its bags of M & S popcorn!

By the way - you may remember those yellow hearts that I posted last week.  Well they were put up on Monday evening -here are some pictures of them and one touching tweet from one of the residents - its nice to think that they may have helped - even if just to lift their spirits and help them know that they are not alone!

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  1. You are being so good at all these lovely eateries! Well done! Tomorrows pud sounds good. The hearts look lovely and I am sure will lift the spirits of those poor souls in London.