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Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Sorry to shout but HELP!!!!

Today started well - a good night's sleep, an out and get them attitude and first stop at Mum and Dad's to pick up some boxes for the charity shop.  We have found a hospice shop with a car park which makes donations all the easier so my boot was filled and emptied with ease. I had set aside today to get things ready for the holiday so my first stop was to treat the dogs to some new beds to go and stay with Mum and Dad with.  Of course I get them home and the dogs ignore them completely!

Next up was a car valet, with the obligatory air freshener of course, before stopping off at Pets at Home to buy the pooches a disc each with Mum's phone number on.  Whilst I was waiting I noticed this display for a doggie cheese and wine event - REALLY?

Lastly it was a quick trip around Tesco's - I still have to eat this week and am still trying new recipes - Banana weetabix for Banana muffins etc!  Today's experiment is defrosting as we speak - a "Black Forest " pudding using Scan bran soaked in an options chocolate drink, greek yoghurt and frozen forest fruits.  The chocolate soaked bran tasted chocolatey so  am hopeful - but we will see!

The other task that I set for today is to finish the Lynette Anderson spool case - I have had the pattern for well over a year and bought the kit this time last year.  Now I need to use it, I am getting frustrated that its not finished.  Slowly but surely I went through the pattern, having regular breaks - walking the dogs etc - and have just come to the vinyl - did I mention how much I hate vinyl!!!!!!  Let's just say that the spools may cover any errors -with any luck!  Picture tomorrow - I hope!  Mind you - it's time for another break - he he he!


  1. Sounds like a productive day and great to have a car park with a charity shop!

  2. Yes -it really helps. In addition its a children's hospice shop so you really feel good about making the effort x