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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sometimes there just has to be cake!

Today  started with a mini crisis - well, that may be a tad dramatic but a friend needed some time to step off life's merry go round and stop the clocks.  We ended up enjoying this beautiful view with a cuppa and a piece of cake - sometimes, even on a diet, you just have to have cake!  Still the problems were discussed and we both went away feeling a lot better and more able to tackle life's obstacles!

Once home, I then took the dogs on a long walk to try and walk off the extra calories - probably wont work but it is really nice feeling able to tackle the longer distances.  Of course the long walk involved many stops and chats with friends and acquaintances - returning home with a face so glowing ..........  It was sure hot!

Once rested and, I must confess 40 winks, I then settled down to the fourth episode of "The Quilt Project" which has just been released on YouTube - whilst I made two charity blocks up.  My Tuesday night sewing class breaks for the summer holiday this week and we have been asked to use the disappearing nine patch technique to create some charity blocks which will then be made up into quilts to send to Malawi.  My two tops are now finished and I will quilt them before trimming to size and taking them on Tuesday.  The aim is to use our scarps up - I am surprised how green these are!  I thought that I was a blue girl!

Lastly there was some weeding, trimming and watering to do in the garden before sorting out some more handsewing projects for tonight - I am aiming to complete a Lynette Anderson Spool Holder before we go to her workshop so really need to focus on the applique pieces!

Now, on a different note, I have some exciting news!  Our second sewing pattern has just been released on craftsy!  Terri has designed a foolproof notebook cover - one that will fit snugly over any sized book and which can turn a lowly notebook into  a piece of luxury - will make fantastic Christmas presents.  Again we will keep the price low for  the first few days so that regular readers of this blog can snap up a bargain!

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  1. We all need cake sometimes and we all need friends who will just drop everything and be there for you :)