Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hi Ho, Hi Ho - it's nearly time to go!

Let's start with last night and our meal out - cooking our steaks on the rock.  I love this experience!  I had a lovely tuna steak - something of a luxury - and it cooked really well - and tasted divine!!

This morning was spent doggy sitting whilst the rest of the family went to church.  Since the church is on the way home, I didn't want Phil to leave his dogs in the car for over an hour so brought them with me and we transferred them in the luxurious surroundings of a Morrison's car park!  Mind you - Phil's cockerpoo, Penny, and Daisy were getting on like a house on fire by that time - bombing around the garden having fun!

After lunch, I left my two dogs in their holiday day care centre (Mum and Dad's) and came home to start the packing process - washing, ironing, sorting medication etc etc etc!  Really - you would think that I am going away for a month - but you can't be too careful now can you?  Mind you I did find time to complete a dozen charity bags which I had promised a friend that I would leave with the housesitter.  The friend fills them with toiletries for the homeless so it seems like a small task to run some bags up from old pillowcases!

So, the bags are packed, crafts are sorted, pill box filled (oh not to be so old), petrol tank filled and house sorted for the house sitter.  I guess now I just have to wait until tomorrow when my holiday begins!!

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