Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Experiment week - day 2

Let's start with my steak slice - it actually wasn't too bad.  If you miss the crunch and texture of pastry then it was a decent alternative - one to repeat me thinks!

This morning I made some Apple and cinnamon baked oats with greek yoghurt for breakfast - it was more like a pudding but made with porridge oats and apple sauce - very nice!  It's a good job that this is a quiet week and I have time to cook now isn't it?

After some housework (well I d do it now and again) and some ironing, it was back to sewing and being experimental.  Using the same fabric that I used for the mixer cover yesterday, I have cobbled together some form of matching basket - no picture yet until it is a) finished and b) given!  I also spent nearly an hour scraping masking tape off the windows in the she cave -now why have I left it so long to do?  grrrrr

After a lovely walk at the beach - it was warm enough to go sleeveless but with a welcome breeze - lunch and a siesta, it was time for the second planned experiment of the day - making gummy bears.  I had bought these tiny moulds - along with a dropper to avoid the mixture going everywhere - and made up 2 sugar free jellies with just half a pint of water plus one sachet of powdered gelatine - they haven't set yet but the mixture has made over 150 of them for just 3 syns!  Let's hope that they taste okay!

The last experiment is really more of a recipe from a new Slimming World book -a raspberry bread and butter pudding - I've really been looking forward to this one!  The picture is from the book where they use blueberies -again I shall report back tomorrow!

I appreciate that this all sounds a little weird for most normal people - but it is fun playing around like this!

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  1. All sounds quite normal to me! And looks lovely too!