Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Being experimental

With a new SW week ahead of me, and with the words of our group leader ringing in my ears, I have decided to try a week of new recipes.  Sometimes the web is alive with new SW recipes and ideas - I often see something that I would like to try but don't get around to  - this week is THE week.

So that's an explanation as to why I might just have gone a little mental with breakfast - it was a boil in the bag omelette!  Very simple -mix up two / three eggs and add to a ziplock bag.  Add any filling (I used ham and onions) mix together and then squeeze the air out before sealing the bag up.  Then roll the top of the bag around a wooden spoon and attach to the spoon with a bulldog clip before suspending in boiling water and cooking for 15 mins.  The texture was both light and firm - very nice!

Having slept well last night (and no getting up until gone 9am - yikes!), by now it was fast approaching lunchtime and the arrival of the Tesco order!  Just as it pitched up, the opticians rang to say that my varifocals were ready for collection.  So, off I popped - I have to practise wearing them around the house but my first impressions are good ones - they feel easy to wear without any signs of the different lenses for short and long vision.

Once back home, and a 40 winks siesta - in a conservatory where I woke up to torrential rain! - I then ran a cover up for Mum's Kenwood mixer.  I have been wanting to make a sewing machine cover for years and yet made this from a Laura Ashley curtain in under an hour - go figure! I clearly don't know whether it will fit yet - we will see on Friday.

The second experiment of the day is tea - a Steak slice no less!  Not, of course, the greggs etc version (I cant afford the colories in pastry) but one made from a warburtons thin - I will let you know how it goes but have included a stock photo so that you can see the idea!  If nothing else it adds some interest to meal times!


  1. Cover sounds nice...got a piccie? Certainly some unusual recipes but look tasty!