Friday, 14 July 2017

Experiment week - Day 4

.......and today REALLY did not go as planned!

Being a Friday, I have fallen into the routine of popping up to Mum and Dad's with a specific task in mind.  Today's was to go through the mountain of pictures / wall hangings and allocate them to rooms after deciding which ones to keep.  I also took the worlds largest collection of teddy bears back to find a storage hole (Teddies are REALLY not my thing!) - so quite a simple task to complete compared to other days.  Of course the coffee was on when I arrived so we got talking about some visitors that they were expecting in the next few weeks and where they could take them.  Several suggestions later, we downed tools to go out in the car on a recky so that Mum and Dad would know where everything was.  This was also an opportunity to leave Millie and Daisy in the house on a "test run" - more of that one later!

Stops included The Fishing Heritage Centre (with the added advantage of being next to Sainsbury's which they had been looking for - Dad bought 4 of his loaves of bread for the freezer - and near to a very nice Matalan which Mum will be frequenting again me thinks) and Cleethorpes Sea Front (where I showed them the best place to buy Fish and Chips, where to park up - it was far too chilly to sit outside - and where the crazy golf was should they need it.)  At this point I should add that, whilst the car smelt wonderfully of fresh bread followed by double fish and chips, I had my salmon and asparagus quiche!  I am so on it this week and, shhh, the scales are behaving themselves at the moment - so its all worth it!

On our way out of Cleethorpes, Mum remarked that she had never had a Macdonalds.  Clearly she wasn't hungry enough for a big mac - but I did take them through the drive through and ordered a coffee each - she has now overcome that large obstacle in her life!  (I secretly think that she was proud of that fact!)

Once home - and yes Daisy and Millie left their utility room in an impeccable state, need you ask - one look at Mum and Dad yawning and I suggested that I went home and we do the pictures another day.  Our time for being intrepid explorers was at an end!

As for today's food experiment?  Well, it concerns tea tonight.  There is a recipe doing the SW rounds to make a corned beef pasty using a weight watchers wrap for the pastry.  Since I have some cooked mince to use up, I am gong to cook some small pieces of carrots and potatoes, drain the mince thoroughly and save the gravy to serve with, mix the mince, potatoes and carrots and fill the wrap - pinching and sealing with egg and then baking in the oven.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day...especially the drive thru hee hee!
    You are having a good week food wise...keep it up!