Friday, 21 July 2017

Getting ready ........

We all  need a day to get those pesky tasks done if we are to go away on holiday (or is that just me?).  Today was my day for such tasks -starting with a quick dust and hoover around (who doesn't want to come back to a neat house?)  Of course I am lucky enough to have a house sitter who will do this for me - but you don't want them to come into a dump now do you?

Then it was onto the hairdressers (a vital part of any preparation I feel) via the charity shop where another boot full was dumped donated.  This time I treated myself to a manicure whilst the colour "baked" - very self indulgent and relaxing!

A quick turnaround at home and it was off out again - this time to take Daisy to the groomers for her trim.  As you can see from these two pictures, it really does make a difference and she must feel better in this warm weather without her fur coat.  Tomorrow she is gong to see her cousin, Penny, and she must look her best!!

Whilst I was waiting, I popped into Jean's to help her buy some train tickets online. I was amazed at the price - it really does pay to book ahead and have a railcard!

So, now we are back home - the washer is on, the pile of ironing growing (although I won't pack just yet) and I am spending far too much time sorting out craft projects to take with me (craft projects which, I hasten to add, I will put money on coming back incomplete!!!!!) Ah well - priorities I guess!

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