Sunday, 16 July 2017

Experimental week - Day 6

..... and this week of weird , and not so weird, recipes is about to come to an end!

Today's trial was weetabix muffins - crush two weetabix and mix in 2 eggs and half a pot of low fat yoghurt.  Mix together, put in muffin cases and cook for 24 mins at 180 degrees.  MMMM - let's just say that I forgot to take a photo!

I have spent most of today over at Sewingbuddy's tackling the Ultimate Art Organiser.  The first step was to start attaching the elastic to keep the pens safey stored away - a laborious task!

Then, under the watchful, and helpful, eye of Sewingbuddy it was time to insert the first zip - it was not the most pleasant process and I have to repeat this 5 more times - but it went in smoothly (Sewingbuddy's advance venture helped to avoid the pitfalls).

Meanwhile Sewingbuddy was tackling my Scamblesby block - when I left she was nearly finished and it was looking good.

Once home (yes that small amount of sewing really did take nearly 6 hours in all!) it was time to walk the pooches before settling on a tea of stuffed chicken thigh wrapped in bacon.

Looking back on this experimental week there have been some highs and some lows - but what matters the most is that I have re-engaged with my love of food.  Now let's hope that the love of healthy food is reflected in the scales tomorrow!

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  1. I quite like the sound of those Weetabix muffins!
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow!