Thursday, 13 July 2017

Experiment week -day 3

Well, how did that bread, no butter pud go? Actually - very pleasant - more like a set custard with some bread in for bulk but the raspberries added a kick!

Last night I slept really well - only to wake up at 5am and couldn't get back off (nope - cant blame Daisy today) so I put the radio on low thinking that I would take advantage of the early start and get up at 6:30am when the hot water comes on.  Oops - the next thing i knew it was 8am!

Never mind, I had decided to tackle my bedroom - since it is temporarily vacated - and quickly set to - only breaking off for a cheeky cuppa (no cake!) at a local tea room roughly halfway between mum and I.  I gave her the bag that I made from the old curtaining and I hope that its put to good use tomorrow when I go round!

Once home, I had a yearning for some sewing so rustled up this little zippered pouch - just because!

After the bedroom had been finished, it was then onto today's baking -a little less experimental you may be glad to hear.  First out of the oven was a SW friendly Salmon and Asparagus quiche to have for lunch tomorrow with some salad,

closely followed by an all day breakfast loaf - layers of sausages, bacon, onions, mushrooms and potatoes - held together by an egg mixture.  So that's my breakfasts sorted for the next few days!

By the way - I forgot to say yesterday - I used this veg for my tea yesterday (not all of the potatoes of course).  You may call it micro, I call it home grown - get me!

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  1. What a diverse menu you have had this week! Well done for sticking to it!Great sewing projects!