Monday, 17 July 2017

Experimental week - Day 7. Did it actually work?

Today, being Monday, started, of course, with the Textile Group.  This time it was the last one before we broke up for the summer so it was a "free week".  I started on some charity bags that a friend wants to fill with toiletries - I am using her template but some old pillowcases that Mum was throwing out.  I finished 3, have part prepared another 5 and have set myself a target of 10 by the end of the week!

Once home, and trying not to worry too much about the weigh in, I rustled up some more Weetabix muffins to take with me (we always take a SW treat with us to share) and completed some sewing ready to applique tonight to my Lynette Anderson Spool Holder.  Yest another self imposed target but the embroidery etc should, I am now keeping all fingers crossed here) be finished tonight with the aim of starting to make the holder up tomorrow!!

Then, it just couldn't be put off any longer - the dreaded weigh in!  Having gained through water retention last week, could all of these food experiments actually result in wiping off that gain (or even a few more pounds?).  Well, err, yes it could!!  I stepped on the scales and the two ladies looked at each other, looked at the screen, then at each other, then at me and whispered - what have you been doing to yourself?  I had lost, drum roll please, 10 1/2 lbs - woop woop woop!  That means that I was awarded my 2 1/2 stone SW certificate, my 10% certificate, am now in the next stone bracket (which was my personal target  for my holiday) and am now 1lb away from my SW 3 stone certificate.  Guess that's what you call a result then!!!

Of course next week starts soon enough and I certainly won't repeat that loss but I will be happy with the 1lb and delighted with anything more!  That would give me a fighting chance of going away on holiday for five days and still being in the current stone bracket.  Meanwhile I will "celebrate" with Mum's tea - lamb surprise I think she called it.  I hope it's nothing like Mo's Sausage surprise from Eastenders! (No sausages for those who don't watch the programme!)

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  1. Whoooo go you!! Not jealous not jealous! It was certainly worth the experimenting aye! Its lovely being in a new stone bracket isn't it :)