Saturday, 8 July 2017

You don't have to be crazy to quilt - but it sure helps!

As the title suggests, today was a lovely sewing day and I set off with three different kits self prepared kits to complete.  The first one was a tote bag for my brothers wedding - I was going to buy a new one but then realised that I had the right coloured fabric already so why not make your own - I am really pleased with the way it has turned out and the metal "Handmade" bar adds a different touch me thinks.

Over lunch it was time to reveal my block for our mystery quilt - again I am really pleased with it and people seemed to like it - although some balked at the difficulty level!  I did sweeten the pill by giving them a packet of more specialised fabric to save them looking for it.

This afternoon I made a mug rug for a forthcoming Lynette Anderson workshop - we had been given the embroidery pattern and then asked to make a mug rug up to our own design - I just have the binding to hand sew tonight.

The third project was, sadly,  not completed - it was another part of the ongoing Christmas present - but I didn't bring a piece of vital material to stabilise it - but, with only 20 minds left, I got as far as I could.

So - a successful day you might feel.  Chris was tackling the BGB bag ( a nightmare for anyone but more so for this newbie), Pat managed to complete the block set last time, Pat 2 showed us her wall hanging that she had been satin stitching and Louise brought some fabric tulips in for us to see (and make for the fabric festival next year).  So why the blog title?

Imagine my horror surprise when my eyes lifted to see this sight!  If the video below doesn't load then think yourself lucky!!  You don't have to be crazy to quilt - but it sure helps!

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  1. What an industrious ( and crazy!) lot of women you are!!
    Loving the new bag.