Sunday, 2 July 2017

Saving endangered species

Having enjoyed a terrific nights sleep (I am planning to move back downstairs tonight - hope that's no a stupid move - Daisy wise), I woke up at nearly 9am!!  Buoyed with loads of energy, I treated myself to a "continental breakfast" - lots of lovely fruit and protein!  It's nice to try something new for a change!

Fresh with energy and enthusiasm, I then set to cutting out and sewing (ain't patchwork daft - you cut up fabric and then sew it back together again!) some strips of fabric for a new project that could develop into a Christmas present (if it works out ok).

With washing on, the font lawn mown (I couldn't do the back - the battery needed charging!) and the side swept, it was time for a nice healthy lunch in the she cave.  With all the bad weather that we have had recently I haven't been out there- and so it was lovely to nice the peas growing - albeit there wont be enough for a single meal!!  Mind you there could also be a couple of carrots so, with the new potatoes, a meal is taking shape lol!

After lunch, and I must confess - a tad more sewing adding some borders onto my Scamblesby blocks - I took full advantage of the lovely weather and took the dogs out for a long walk on the lead.  I used to do this route (nearly two miles) with Katie and Millie but Daisy has never done it - boy was she pooped!

Back home and it was cutting out for a couple of new projects, another load of washing and some ironing - before making up the down stairs bed and collapsing with tea - its been a lovely day and one filled with fun an activity!

But why the blog title?  I appear to have a hedgehog family in the bushes - a neighbour first noticed a mother carrying her baby intothe bushes a few days ago.  Today, as I returned from the dog walk, there were three babies moving very slowly on my drive.  Cute as they were we were worried about where the mother was and concerned about whether they would move onto the road.  Talking to another neighbour, it was dcided that he would collect them up and take them to someone who knew about hedghogs - he was worried that they were dehydrated.  An hour later they were on their way backa nd noticed a 4th baby on the drive - duly rescued again!


  1. A busy day indeed! Well done on the hegdgehogs, I saw my first live one last year! A local lady rescues them, apparently she is inundated with them at the moment!

  2. I have never seen one only read able them and of course seen they on fabrics and made of fabrics are they as cute in person.....of course they are baby anythings tend to be darling