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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Procrastination or archiving - you decide!

After a lie in (cough cough), some general housework and washing it was time to settle down to some sewing - finishing the latest Scamblesby block!  It was a simple affair but we were encouraged to play around with fabric for the flower vase so I used some gold fabric (stuffed to give a 3d effect) and used some offcuts from one of last year's projects that went wrong to add a patchwork border. I will then add some buttons to the centre of the flowers but will add them after I have quilted the block for ease.

Then it was time to take the dogs up to Mum and Dad's for the day - I could grumble and complain about being Cinderella but, truthfully, this time it was my fault.  I felt guilty that I hadn't been for nearly a week and had left them in box opening hell!  I shouldn't have worried - they had made great strides!  By the time I left late afternoon Mum and I had made up the two spare beds, sorted niceties such as bedside lamps, cushions etc and had emptied a variety of boxes both upstairs and downstairs.  We managed to take a load of bedding to the recycling centre and I have brought some pillowcases and curtains home to make some charity bags - plus some fleeces that I am sure will be useful!

Dad is making some headway with his study (but I think he needs to buy another tall bookcase!), however he is getting side tracked somewhat - as per the title of the blog.  In the move he has come across a pile of love letters between himself and mum when they were courting.  He has decided to type them all up for posterity - we might call it avoiding work, he would claim that it is vital archiving!  Whatever we call it, he is enjoying himself and the task!

Just before I left we took advantage of the lovely weather (much longed for here) and sat outside with a cuppa.  TT&T had wanted some Rosemary - I think that this bush might just be big enough for you!

With the dogs thoroughly shattered after such an exciting day out (they do enjoy running around the garden and taking advantage of the space) I am hoping for a quiet sewing filled evening!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of progress all round. As for the Rosemary bush....mmm, lovely with lamb! Might have to take a snipping and see if I can grow some! Typing up love letters aye...that should make interesting reading!