Thursday, 20 July 2017

What a strange day!

Let's start with the dreaded spool holder that I was complaining about last night.  Well, as it turned out, it's not too shabby.  Sure - the fact that I didn't line the base fabric (I wasn't told to in the instructions) led to slightly less than horizontal lines of pockets.  But - they all hold the requisite spools of embroidery threads and I am pleased with the outer embroideries.

Today was scheduled to be a Mum and Dad day. It started with a "how to make Weetabix muffins" tutorial (I think that Mum thought they were far more difficult than they are).  This time I used Banana weetabix - mmmm -very acceptable!  Just the apple and raisin flavour to try now!

Then we set too looking at the mountain of pictures that all need rehoming around the house and unpacking some straggling packing boxes whilst Dad worked in the loft boarding a section to increase the storage capacity.  Let's just say that the house is now looking great - I am so proud of what they have managed to achieve in just a relatively short time. Their first house guests arrive on Saturday - beds are made, drawers emptied and wardrobe space to hang clothes - not bad eh?  Mind you - I do have a boot full for another charity shop visit tomorrow he he!

Once home, and a power nap!, it was time to try and make sense of my own house.  All of this frenzied sewing, combined with the hot weather has resulted in a fly graveyard (oops the conservatory) and so that was given a bottoming out!  I have also started to collect together some "goodies" for my holiday - treats to try and help resist the cakes with (not sure if they will work but at least I will have them as an option!)

Tonight the WI supper club are off to a Tapas bar.  Considering how much food I don't like - this should be interesting!

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  1. Not sure about it being a strange day, sounds like a productive day to me! Love the spool case and fabric. Must try those Weetabix muffins. Asda do different flavoured Weetabix in their own brand too. Mmm to tapas, so long as there aren't olives!