Sunday, 30 July 2017

A day of unfinished projects

Well, I ought to start by saying thank you to Daisy for writing yesterday's post.  Truthfully I was so shattered yesterday that I wasn't really functioning at all!  What is it about going away on holiday and coming back sooooo tired?  Perhaps it just means that I am totally relaxed.  One highlight - I am now dropping off to sleep really quickly so I hope that I have broken that cycle!

Today, with a tad more energy I decided to tackle some much needed tasks around the house.  First up was cleaning the windows in the conservatory - I can't tell you when they were last done!  Being a large conservatory, and being a warm, if a tad overcast, day I only managed half of the windows before it became too hot.  Still that's progress and I can do the rest tomorrow.

Next up was mowing the lawn.  It should have been done before I went away and was rather long.  I have cut it once on the highest setting but am hoping to go over it tomorrow with a closer cut.

The suitcase has, at last, been unpacked, washing completed and dried - ready for ironing (and packing again for the weekend - what a jet setter I am becoming!)

I have even managed to make and attach a pin cushion to my Lynette Anderson inspired sew organised bag - ready for her workshop next Saturday (the bag was made at the sewing retreat in March and has been waiting for the pin cushion to finish it off!)

On a more positive note, I entered my mileage for last week on to my spreadsheet and have now realised that I am over halfway to my 1000 miles in a year (they call it a Proclaimers milestone!).  By my calculation I now need to aim to complete 3.1 + miles each day to reach the target!  Given that I have some "sit down "days ahead of me that might be more difficult than it sounds - but I am plodding on!

But, I hear you cry, surely you know that this is World Embroidery Day - what embroidery have you've been doing to mark the occasion?  Well, I will admit to preparing (cutting out, backing and tracing) two blocks to take on holiday next weekend with me -and then settled down to an old film with some stitchery that I set The Textile Group for their summer holiday!

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  1. Sounds like a productive day one way or another, and all the best with those miles!