Monday, 3 July 2017

We are all in this together!

Well -I can report a safe sleep last night - Daisy only started her whining when she heard me use the bathroom at just gone 6am.  Still too early but a lot better than before - I went back to bed and dosed until nearly 7:30 - and she did quieten down!

Today was the usual Textile group, his morning, where we made a better attempt on fabric flowers ready for the fabric festival NEXT YEAR!! nothing like being well prepared eh?  Then, of course, it was back home until it was time to set off for Slimming World.  Today was a special meeting - Paul (who is a young man and has a lot to lose after suffering for nearly a year with a brain tumour and being bed ridden) only needed half a pound in order to lose a total of 100 pounds - quite an achievement!  I had made him a mug rug with 100 on to mark the occasion - and he seemed really touched that someone had thought of him.

I had a good weigh in as well - 4lbs off which means that I am now only 1lb off  a 3 stone loss in 14 weeks - that will do me!  Mind you, I can't update my motivacelet - it broke on Saturday!  Still, to be fair, they are sending me a replacement in the post so that's what I call service!

Tonight calls for relaxation and handsewing - so, what's new! - oh and a lovely tea courtesy of Mum and Dad(it's so handy having to pass their door on the way home!!)


  1. Ooo it is indeed very handy having mum and dad so near isn't it!! Not envious at all!!! Well done on the weight, I have lost the motivation right now, need to take a leaf out of your book. Lovely mug mat too :)

  2. Wow Well done!!
    4lbs it's paying off.
    Your doing really well. Keep it up.
    On the daisy front, had a thought ,- a bed pan !then you wouldn't have to disturb her?

  3. So very kind and thoughtful to make and give the mug rug and useful and additional motivation. Not to try to dampen your spirits on your weight loss journey but with your medication change your body may hold more fluids....I may be mistaken you can ask your medical professionals for clarification