Tuesday, 18 July 2017

It's hard to get going in this heat!

.... especially if the heat meant another sleepless night!

Why do I do it to myself?  As I went to bed last night, I had a "bright" idea of making a Slimming World survival pouch - small enough to slip into a hangbag and take out for the day on holiday - filled with goodies to help avoid the cake urges!  So - did I launch into the planned Lynette Anderson craft project?  Nope - I made this pouch!! Mind you - it came out really well!

After some housework - Cinderella style (mopping floors etc!) - and dog walking, it was then time for a rather bizarre lunch.  At slimming World yesterday we were being told a tale of a member who loved her salads but loved dressing on them.  One day she got to work - and realised that she had forgotten her dressing.  She absolutely refused to eat it "naked" but then remembered that she had brought a mango yoghurt for her pud.  Why not she thought?  Why not I thought?  So I did a salad with turkey, sweetcorn, loads of lettuce and a small amount of stilton to add some balance - and then drizzled a couple of teaspoons of cherry yoghurt on.  It was absolutely lovely - certainly a "do it again"!!

After making two sets of coasters for a charity raffle (the sewing class has been cancelled tonight so I needn't have bothered but that sort of thing always comes in handy), making another charity bag and popping round to Jean's with two tote bags for her grandchildren (taking Miss Daisy who gets spoilt every time we go around!), it was then time for tea - and, yes, no Lynette Anderson!!  I plan to cut the pieces out later though so that I am ready for it tomorrow!

Foodwise - I am also planning on having stewed rhubarb for pudding and topping it with the weetabix muffin mixture - fingers crossed!

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  1. Pud sounds delish!! I think the mango yogurt might be my sort of salad dressing rather than the cherry, good idea though. Lovely pouch :)