Saturday, 5 March 2016

An unfocussed day

Last night was the monthly book club meeting - its held in the local pub so that we can have a meal, a discussion and then enter the weekly quiz.  The book under discussion was "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and, I must confess, this was the first book to defeat me since we started the club over a year ago.  I just couldn't get into it - persevered until about half way through and then gave up.  It was therefore refreshing to find out the ending and, I must also confess, sounds that the advice was right - it gets so much better towards the end and suddenly everything makes sense! Ah well - roll on the March Book - "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier.  Its a book that I have seen the dvd / film of many times but don't think that I've actually read.  I must admit, however, knowing the story makes it difficult to be enthusiastic about reading the book!  In terms of the quiz, modesty prevents me from saying how we did - but we will be spending the winners voucher next time!

So, onto today and, as the title of today's blog suggests, it has been rather unfocussed.  I'm not sure that I can handle late nights any more!  I managed to complete the next block in The Splendid Sampler - the next one is out tomorrow afternoon and I am trying to keep up.  I have now done 6 - only 94 to go!


Then I made a start on the Tuesday Night blocks - these are a series of 6 1/2 inch blocks that we have to both follow the pattern and use the colour required.  As you can see we are on Navy at the moment.  I have another Navy block to complete tomorrow, and then cut out / sew an orange version of each block.

Dinner tonight was supposed to be a slimming world "campfire stew" - a slow cooker dish involving gammon joints which should result in a shredded gammom "stew".  I say should since I have rarely found that it cooks in the 6 hours suggested and therefore always have a standby meal available ( M & S Chunky Chicken in white sauce with a jacket potato and veg since you ask).  However it will be lovely tomorrow and makes enough to freeze several portions.

I have to admit that the variable and cold weather saw some afternoon tv watching but I did shock myself and went out into the garden for some weeding before a timely phone call interrupted me.  I have also managed to fill one charity bag for collection on Monday and may well try to fill another from upstairs.

You know  maybe I did achieve something today after all!


  1. Sounds like you achieved a lot! And quite how you manage to keep up with all these sewing projects is beyond me!

  2. You could always cook the gammon earlier in day to make sure it is cooked!!!xxx

  3. I am in my car quite a lot and borrow audio books (CD) from the library to "read" in the car. I also do read books. I find it's easier to "read" audio books that don't really hold my interest than to read a printed book that drags.
    If it were just me at home I'd have the TV on a lot less and do a lot more audio books
    In rainy California