Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A lovely girly day out

Today started much better (well apart from the incredibly weird dream but I will spare you that one) - the sun was shining, it was warm enough to venture outside without a jumper and Wendy and I were out for the day.  Just a trip into Lincoln but ........

As we drove over the Lincolnshire Wolds (Wendy will kill me for this photo - sorry - she didn't know that I was taking it) I was reminded about what a beautiful area of the country that we live in.  The journey was also an opportunity to catch up and put the world to rights - as well as developing a shopping list for our next quilt show at the beginning of June!  As she had an appointment to get to, Wendy dropped me off at Dunelm in Lincoln - where there are a number of shops to mooch around before I settled on a cuppa in their coffee and started to read the 5:2 diet book.  Well I ought to know the science behind what I'm doing now didn't I?  So far I have realised that one calorie is not the same as another and I ought to be going for a high fat, low carbohydrate, low sugar diet - I think.  I will continue to read and find out more!

When Wendy arrived we mooched around Dunelm and bought (cough) a little fabric for a Lynette Anderson project before heading to Costa's for some lunch (all within the calorie allowance by the way).  The weather was so glorious we sat out in the sun and enjoyed the rays.  There's nothing quite like sitting back and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Once home it was back to normal - walking the dogs, some gardening before the weather breaks tomorrow (apparently we will have a week's rain in one day - allegedly) and getting ready for the sewing class tonight which promises more free motion embroidery - yippee (not).

By the way - I've finished the bunny block and made a start on the Lynette Anderson block of the month - block 3.  See - I didn't put last night's tv viewing to waste!  By the way - I couldn't iron the "pig" block - was going to before I realised that would have ironed all my marks off as well!


  1. Pleased you had a lovely day. We seem to have the opposite weather to you!! It has been cold and wet here!! Enjoy you evening of sewing. Xxxx

  2. Sounds like you girls had a lovely day out! Pretty blocks too! Christine x

    1. Thank you Christine - I'm not in your league though!

  3. We all need girly days out...and coffee!