Monday, 20 March 2017

3 days to go .........

Today started, as usual, with the textiles group.  The plan was to continue with the individualy designed embroidery picture but I was distracted by a visitor.  Mick Booth was the deputy at the school when I was first appointed as Head of Maths back in 1991 and has been charged with writing a history of education in North Somercotes.  Consequently he wanted to talk about the school and get some information.  When I was finished, Jean gave me this lovely crochet heart kit from her travels yesterday - what a lovely kit and it should develop my skills even further.  Another new year's resolution still on track!

Back home, and with the washing on ready for the holiday, it was time to settle down with this year's "Dobbo's Challenge".  Back in December I gave everyone in Scamblesby this picture and asked them to create an A4 quilted piece to be brought to Scamblesby at our first meeting in April. I am leaving this rather late for my efforts but made a start yesterday laying out my fabrics.  Today was time to start the quilting!  Since it's a competition, I won't show you my efforts yet - all will be revealed in April!

This evening, and yes this is still holiday preparation, I am popping Millie through to the vets for her booster injection.  This job ranks as one of my least favourite tasks - she turns demented in the vets - but it has to be done if she is going to the kennels for her "holiday"!

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  1. There must be something in the name....our Milly can no longer be taken to the vets for her annual boosters/check up as she goes so demented! The last visit some years ago entailed her having a thick towel thrown over her and the needle jabbed in where ever they saw a bit of fur before bundling her into her pet carrier and hastily returning her to me! At home she is a real "Pussy cat!"