Friday, 30 June 2017

To varifocal or not to varifocal!

Well, as the title of the blog suggests, today's appointment was for the annual eye test - since I've had the problems with my eyes I have to get them tested every year.  Fortunately they were happy with me and there was no change in the prescription - but I had decided to get new glasses anyway.  I normally take advantage of their buy one, get one free offer and have two sets of reading glasses and two of long distance ones for driving - I was down to my last pair of each - and one of them were quite twisted!  Having discussed it at length with the optician, I decided to brave it and go for varifocals - and even chose the expensive lens to give myself the best chance of adapting to them.  My reasoning was simple - it's an absolute pain to keep swapping glasses over all the time (try crafting and watching tv!), plus they offer a replacement service - if I don't get on with them they will swap for two sets of normal glasses - so I can't really lose!  Remind me of this when they arrive in a week or so's time and I am all over the place!

Whilst I was getting measured for the glasses, I was aware that I was being stalked - by my mother!  Mum and Dad were shopping in Tesco's as well so we met up for a catch up and a coffee ( see TT&T we can still do coffee!)  They moved out of their house on the 1st June and here we are - one month on!  I'm threatening to go round tomorrow and tackle "Bedroom 3" - the dumping room (now come on - we all have one room that the moving boxes gravitate to and take ages to escape from!)

Back home, and with the start of another Scamblesby block under my belt, the yawning just couldn't be ignored (I hadn't slept well last night) so I put my head down for 40 winks.  Daisy has a cute way of curling up with me and keeps me warm - too warm as it turned out and the 40 winks turned out more like 80 winks!

Back in the land of living, it was time to start thinking about tonight.  It's the book club's monthly meeting at the pub - the dieters nightmare pub with beautiful hand made puds!  they are, however, indulgent of me taking something in for my pud so I have made two slimming world friendly trifles for my friend and I - using TT&T's idea of jam jars!

Dogs walked, block finished and a cardboard pattern cut out ready for another sewing project - its not been too lazy a day (even if I did lose a good hour or more!)

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  1. Lol at the jam jar puds, am sure your friend will be delighted! Must be lovely to just "bump" into your mum and dad in your own patch these days. Re the variofocals, I too went for them last year, they are great for switching from crafting to TV but I don't get on with them at all with the laptop, when my head moves even slightly the screen goes wavy. Be interested to know if you have the same prob.