Friday, 22 January 2016

A straight jacket or a nice new coat for Daisy - you decide!

Let's start with last night - Daisy's debut at Slimming World.  To say that she went down well would not be an exaggeration - I was lucky to bring her home!  Whether it be child, grandma or baby, everybody was enthralled.  Even the caretaker didn't seem to mind a dog being in the building ( she didn't disgrace herself though so that's a brownie point!). By the way - I lost 2.5 pounds so that's okay.

So - onto today and I am having a mare!  At face value, everything has gone well.  I left early to hit Tescos by 8am, then onto the hairdressers, the hospital to deliver the Tanya Bags and then the doctors to have my war wound re- dressed.   I was out for longer than I would have liked but am trying to extend it to give Daisy time to get used to the absences.  When I got back she was absolutely fine.

Her toy, however, was not!  Millie had gone to town on it and had removed the squeak from it plus half the fabric!  As if that was not enough my computer has decided to die on me.  The screen comes on but, once I've asked it to load the Internet the mouse disappears and the screen goes blank. Grrrrr!  I blame it on a conversation that I had recently with a friend about the new iPad pro - I was not intending to buy one but perhaps my iMac has taken the hump!

To add insult to injury the iPad is losing charge as quickly as it is loaded.  I am hoping that the cover has los it's magnetism and that the iPad just thinks that it's on all the time.  I've ordered a new case, which has just arrived, so let's hope that this sorts the problem.  I ask you - it all comes at once! ( update - the case is too large but might fit mums - grrrrrrrrrr)

Whilst I was out I bought Daisy a coat. When she gets bigger she, hopefully, won't need one but her first walk is around two weeks away and the east coast in February is not a warm place for a little one. The title of the blog is that she writhed around on the ground and managed to get halfway out of it.  Mind you we are practising with the lead and she seems to enjoy being pulled along.  There's work to be done!

This afternoon, after my melt down, I made the latest two blocks from the 365 challenge - I'm up to block 23 so far and put a load of washing on ( thrilling eh?).  Tonight's craft project is the third block of the Anni Downs quilt - a candle holder with felt berries.  Should be fun.


  1. Well done at SW. Glad Tany's bags went down well, sounds like you had a busy morning. I love the blue fabric you've used on today's blocks, am thinking of maybe calling in at L & C tomorrow if we get out, yes I know more fabric!
    Hope your legs healing?

  2. Sounds like a busy day.
    Love Daisy's coat, looks like Millie is helping her to escape it in that photo
    Can't wait to see next a downs block tomorrow

  3. Oh poor thing she doesn't seem to have taken to the coat does she!
    As for the computer of me three top hates (Washing for going wrong!