Saturday, 14 May 2016

What would your dream sewing room look like?

Today the decorator came round and we talked about the craft room - this really is going to happen!  In 5 weeks time I will come back from holiday to find a decorated craft room - complete with a much wanted peg board to help store and display equipment.  Of course, between now and the start of the holiday, the room has to be emptied - and I won't be able to completely move back in immediately because I will need a new floor to be laid - but it's all coming together!

The rest of the day can be best summed up by the phrase "finishing things off" I guess.  Apart from the usual housework, it was time to finish the embroidered sampler block,

complete the second Lynette Anderson block of the month, and

complete two blocks for Tuesday night (they have been cut and ready to complete since Monday morning!).

Digging to Australia
In-between the showers I popped outside for a spot of weeding - Daisy tried to help but was more of a hindrance!

And, of course, walk the dogs in a howling gale!

Food wise, everything is still on track (the scales were a little lower again this morning - shh - they will probably go up again tomorrow which is why you shouldn't weigh yourself every day!)

Tonight?  Well its the second episode of The Hollow Crown - Shakespeares Henry V1 part 2 - so I have also prepared this little applique Splendid Sampler block ready to blanket stitch.  I am also planning to finish the quilting of my Tuesday night blocks and make two fruit cakes for tomorrow.  The church are having an afternoon tea fund raiser so I have, foolishly, offered to make fruit cake, cheese scones and mini muffins - they have no idea what they have let themselves in for?  I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


  1. Love the lynette Anderson block.
    And garden looking good.
    What showers? Had a lovely dry day in scamblesby.
    And like the ra bbit block, well done, you been busy today

    1. We had showers on and off this morning - not heavy but there all the same.

  2. Cute bunny and weeding really made a difference, despite the "helpers"x