Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The end of an era ...

Well today marks the end of my first year of retirement and, possibly, the end of this blog.

When I officially started my retirement on 1st June 2015 it was also the first day after half term so there was a feeling of being on holiday whilst everyone else returned to works.  So what was I up to?  Looking back I was painting the second coat of the conservatory ably assisted by Katie and Millie (my two friends dogs).  It was a lovely hot day and all the windows were open.  The goal for the year was to decorate the whole house, along the way, fix those niggling things that you live with.

So, perhaps, its time for some reflection.  What has happened over the past year? 

  • Well, sadly, Katie has passed away but Daisy has bounded into our lives and turned everything upside down.
  • The conservatory, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, hall and bedroom are all decorated with the final two rooms due to be completed by the end of the summer.  The joy I get from walking into my new lounge still continues - nearly a year on!
  • The mortgage has been paid off!
  • I get to sew most days - in fact some would say that I am obsessed with it!  Not me, however, although plastic boxes may just have taken over my life!
  • My blood pressure is normal every time that it is measured.
  • But more importantly it is the doors that have opened up due to the free time - running the craft group, having time for friends and developing new friendships, the freedom to visit family and friends outside of normal school holidays - even the senior screen every Tuesday.

Stepping off the work roundabout is scary - but it has worked for me and I am having a whale of a time.  Now it just feels like my normality - not an extended holiday anymore.

As for my goals - well the weight loss is only halfway there but I have nearly made the walking target.  However I will continue - as will this blog - now, I couldn't let my mother down now could I?


  1. Brilliant!!! A!though we know things in our head, it is so much better when we see things in print. What a lot you have achieved. Well done. I'm pleased you are carrying on with the blog - I wouldn't know what to do between 4-5pm waiting for it to be printed.xxxxxx

  2. My feelings exactly JD me , how would we get our fix without the blog, it's better than watching eastenders.
    And yes Lynda well done you have achieved a lot this past year, long may it continue!

  3. Wow cant believe its a year!!
    Nearly had a panic then...no blog!!!
    You have achieved so much over the year, cant wait to see what the coming year brings your way. x

  4. I am in the San Francisco area of California USA I am new to you and your blog I "met" you through another blogger when you and she attended a hand stitching class together.
    I get your blog delivered every morning and enjoy it so darn much. Your blog just starts my day off "correctly" it's my reminder to be happy err start out happily
    Sure life gets in the way and you miss writing a day or two I understand that it happens but I do hope you will continue I'd never know you with out your blog
    And I am on a weight loss journey and a more healthful body journey your writing encourages me and while you and I eat very differently I love hearing about your foods mine are boring and delicious fresh salads and grilled meats and I am winning on the weight loss front I think in large part because of you and your blog