Sunday, 15 May 2016

I have a confession to make ......

..... when I woke up it was 8:40am!!  Yikes!!  That would be down to watching The Hollow Crown last night - and then switching over to see the end of the Eurovision contest then.  Mind you - The Hollow Crown was fantastic - and I managed to get this far on the bunny block.  I should see this finished tonight, hopefully.

Why did it matter that I'd slept in?  Well, not only did I miss my usual 8am Create and Craft TV programme, but I also had baking to do for this afternoon's fund raiser.  Now, I am not one of life's natural bakers (and I could hear my mother in my ear saying "you're just like your father" as I cleared up my mess!) but I did manage to make some mini Toffee Apple Muffins, some normal size muffins and some cheese scones.  Not only that I managed to just sample one of the muffins and a cheese scone - just to check you understand!  Well - I wasn't having any lunch!

The spread looked good, and everyone seemed to have a good time but it wasn't that well attended.  However we should have raised around £150 - £200 so I guess that it was worth doing - not to mention the social side of such events.

I had a few minutes to spare so I also took a look at one of my facebook pages - a site where I put pictures of my creations and sell through occasionally.  To my shame I hadn't posed since Christmas so I will try to be more regular.  If you fancy it, please pop over, take a look and like the page.  When I get to 100 likes I will give away a small prize.

Food wise I have been good - I didn't have an afternoon tea and resisted the cakes - just having one small cheese sandwich.  I have brought some cakes home but they are gluten free to take to sewing on Tuesday evening.  I should report, to be fair, that the scales went up by a pound this morning - which is to be expected.  I won't bore you by posting weight gain / losses every day but I thought that you ought to be aware it can go up and down even though you are eating healthily.


  1. Wow what a lie in...the dogs were obviously having one too!
    Well done on resisting the cakes! Not sure I could have!

  2. Well done on getting all you being done!!! Shame it wasn't supported so well.xxxx