Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sticking to a promise

Well - last night was a long one.  As we watched the usual soaps, so Dad and I kept an eye on the score for Chelsea v Spurs.  As you will know you by now, the vast majority of my family ( not me it has to be said) are lifelong Leicester City Fans - Dad has supported them since 1949 and he plus my brothers often visited me when I was at college in Leicester -always when there was a home match for some reason!  Anyway a draw would make Leicester Champions and,as we all know, they achieved this for the first time in their history.  Cue tears - both from Dad and from Mike ( remember the blue hair?) on the phone - Mike rang in tears to thank Dad for encouraging him to support Leicester all those years ago.

Today we have seen all of the tv coverage and read several newspapers.  Knowing my interest in King Richard III, I particularly liked this re-write of Shakespeare's speech!  Mum and I popped out to the supermarket to buy the papers and to fill up with petrol for my journey home tomorrow - we just had to stop for a rest at Dunelm Cafe now didn't we?

This afternoon was spent getting ready for the journey - packing, sandwich making etc.  There may just have been some crafting going on, of course - I just had one border left to finish of the Anni Down's quilt.

The title of the blog?  Well Gary Linekar said that if Leicester City won the premiership title then he would present the first match of the day next season in his underwear - I understand that he has confirmed he will keep his promise!

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  1. What a triumph indeed! Having friends who live in Leicester we saw first hand how passionate they are up there!