Wednesday, 25 May 2016

websites - grrrr!

Well the cakes went down well - and I even promised a lemon curd version next time - ooh er!  The sewing class went well and we were given our homework - next week is half term so we don't have a class.  Having made 30 squares and quilted 8, I think she's imagining that I will have made all 49 and quilted at least half of them - we are beginning to finish the quilt when we go back - help!  On the plus side, Wendy bought me a piece of beautiful fabric - I have just the project in mind and may make it over the weekend!

So - onto today - a very dull and dismal day!  Mine started with an eye test - I am now supposed to have one every year but wasn't due to have one until after the summer.  However I wanted some prescription sun glasses to read and drive with so I thought that I ought to get them checked out.  On the plus side there was no change in vision, on the negative there are 4 sets of glasses to pick up - two sets of sunglasses and 2 sets of normal glasses as spares - I have tried to colour code so that I know which ones are which but!!

After a mooch around several shops -including Dunelm where there were a number of items on sale that could be used for a certain someone's advent presents - it was time for home and a catch up on the sofa of the soaps from the last two nights.

So - why the title of the blog you ask?  Well I tried to file an online tax claim via the HMRC site - you can never get though on the phone so I didn't try - and, quite randomly, there appears an error message when you press continue.  Now I know why they allow you to save it and go back to it!  I'm just worried that they allow you a month's grace to finish it - does that indicate how long it will take you I wonder!

Right - off to empty some more of the craft room!  Keep warm everyone.


  1. Funny you should mention Advent calendars...I happened to say it was only 7mths to Christmas today!
    Glad everyone enjoyed those cute cakes, they did look scrummy. As for HMRC and websites....I completely understand!!

  2. Pleased the cakes went down well, they did look lovely. I was 'inspired' to make one. I decided to make a large one, it is in the oven as I write. We visited Dundelm last Saturday and managed to get some 'Red' presents for Christmas.xxxxx