Saturday, 7 May 2016

I've been cultured!

You may recall that Wendy and I are working our way Through Shakespeare first folio - by the time that we have finished we will have watched every single one.  Today it was the turn of Midsummer Nights Dream - a play I knew little about but which I firmly believe that Shakespeare must have been on something when he wrote it - it's insane!

Anyway today was a live performance by the RSC in Nottingham - where part of the cast were taken from amateur drama groups and, quite frankly, stole the show!  So - a visit to Nottingham meant a day out.  A day which consisted of:-

A visit to costa for a coffee and a lemon tart ( everything I've had today is within my allowance if you're asking!)

Lunch of a toasted sandwich

Walking past statues of famous Nottingham people - such as Brian Clough,

Waiting for Wendy to buy close (at least 30 mins!), a  visit to the theatre, and

A visit to Hopbbycraft where they were having a half price sewing thread sale - and an invasion of plastic boxes by the look of things!  ( Wendy bought one - I cannot lie!)

It's been a great day out, I've eaten well but kept to my calorie allowance and it's now great to be home and put my feet up!


  1. Bit late, but better late than never!
    But don't do it again, I need to get my fix somehow!

  2. Ditto...had wondered what had happened to impromptu holiday I thought!