Monday, 16 May 2016

Ever had one of those days?

Today is a fast day so I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised when things just kept going wrong.  Nothing major but!

After the Monday morning housework - now including a weekly visit upstairs to run the shower so that it doesn't seize up like last time - I sat down to some sewing.  First up was a piece of paper piecing - sewing through paper to accurately place your shapes of fabric - well that went wrong, I ripped the paper off and turned it around , sewed it - only to find that it was right the first time.

Never mind I thought - take a break and sew these 12 mini dresdens  - only to find that I lost one and only had 11.

Ah well - why  not start quilting your current project - only to have the thread bunching up at the back!  I give up - literally!!

Its been the craft group this afternoon - where many of my mistakes took place - and I am looking forward to the start of The Great British Sewing Bee tonight.  I think thats all I am good for today is a TV watch!

Leicester City AirI must share this with you though.  Hot on the heels of The Leicester City paint from B & Q, and then an advert from Cadbury's featuring the Leicester city players celebrating their win, I came across this.  For just £30 you can breathe the same air as the Leicester Players - now who could pass up this opportunity?  Really?


  1. Sorry about your day!! We all get them. Leicester air,mmmmmm will have to think about that one!! Maybe if I wrap up empty jam jars to give as presents - do you think they will know the difference.? Xxxxxx

  2. I can do one better - when I next drive through Leicester I will wind down the window, have open top jam jars ready - and then seal them when I stop - should be okay?

  3. Your'e kidding me right!
    Sorry about the dodgy day...we all get them don't we! Roll on eating tomorrow!