Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fast day number 3

It was an early start today - no reason , just woke up early - so I indulged myself with more embroidery.  I am getting there - should finish the bock tonight, I hope!  Mind you , I am not sure watching Bake Off's Crème de la crème on catch up was a good way to start a fast day!

The key, I feel, to a successful fast day is keeping busy.  Hence the first job was to drive into town for a quick shopping trip - Daisy needed more food and I've offered to do some baking for a church event on Sunday.  On my arrival home I was greeted with a large pack - I had sent for some samples of cushions for the church pews - but didn't expect to actually be sent three cushions!

I am so far behind with the splendid sampler that I wanted to finish a block today.  I had also embroidered a red rose for St George's day and a picture of Shakespeare to celebrate his 400 years - so made these up into blocks.  The sampler, when finished, will go on the bed upstairs and I want it to cover it all - I need to measure but fully expect to have to create more blocks! 

Next up was the mountain from the airing cupboard.  Be kind to me, its not pleasant!

However it is now reduced by about 2/3 and the fabric will be taken to the tip tomorrow where the fabric will be recycled.

After a  lunch of boiled egg, more embroidery and a debate with Sewingbuddy about the pros and cons of buying a new piece of equipment ( I didn't by the way!) it was off to walk the dogs.  Tea - only 42 minutes away but who's counting - is a ready meal with veg.  That means that I will have stayed below my 500 calories for the day and, as of this morning, the scales are looking good - let's hope they still are tomorrow when we do the official weigh in!


  1. Loving the look of those fuchsias and well done on the diet again! Looking forward to reading the results tomorrow!

  2. Daisy still looking cute.
    I am sure the scales will be very kind to you tomorrow.
    I didn't think you had that much will power, to be able to resist the new equipment.
    I heard back from Lynn, and she has ordered!

    1. You were to blame - I was ready to order when you said it would sit next to the felting machine. Good point well made

  3. You'll regret it
    When Lynn turns up with her perfect appliqués !

    1. Let's hope she brings her machine with her then! I'm staying strong - it will be a white elephant ( who am I trying to convince?)