Monday, 2 May 2016

"Gives a new meaning to the phrase Get Stuffed" - Dad's daily words of wisdom!

The day started leisurely - mum can be a tad reluctant to get going, as we all can, when it comes to decluttering.  On the one hand there's no need yet because they are not moving, on the other hand it will be panic stations if they suddenly need to decluttering AND pack up the house!  So, after some "persuasive motivation" from me we went upstairs to the craft room.  Now at this stage I ought to explain that this room has not seen much craft for a number of years but has become the storage room for a number of different boxes - plastic, cardboard, wooden - take your pick.  One by one we went through them deciding whether to a) throw, b) keep, c) take back with me for raffle prizes or d) take down to church ( a large amount of materials were from when Mum and Dad ran a youth group in their church).  Swiftly it was 11 am and time to stop for a coffee break!

I took the opportunity to sort out the craft projects that I brought down to complete.  As you can see from the list I always over plan but I am beginning to cross the projects off!  My Splendid Sampler blocks are nearly up to date and I have the ornaments ready to sew onto the Anni Down's border tonight.

Eventually I dragged Mum back upstairs to finish the room - by now we could see some carpet so dusted and hoovered.  Daisy came with us and decided to jump on the bed with the huge amount of teddy bears - and then disappeared!  Hence the blog title from Dad!

After a late lunch it was back to craft for me and some gentle resting of eyes for Mum!  The car has been packed for tomorrow's visit to church and some order has been restored.  Meanwhile I have a lot of raffle prizes to bring home with me plus paper materials for our church's paper festival in the summer.  Every little helps!

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  1. Ahh Daisy really blends in! De cluttering is always easy when its other peoples stuff isn't it...for you own you really need to be in the mood!