Friday, 20 May 2016

It's all a mystery to me!

Let's start, as ever, with last night.  About half an hour before I was due to go out I had an email from Premier Inn announcing their £35 room summer sale.  Of course a lot of rooms aren't necessarily £35 but they do lower the price to fill the rooms - you just cant get your money back if you want to cancel.  Long story short, I have switched my summer holiday bookings and have saved £40 - so that's £40 more to spend at the Quilt Show then!

Last night a minor miracle took place - I went out for the meal, stuck to my strategy and didn't even have a pud.  Not only that I cut some pastry off the steak pie and asked for no potatoes - every little helps!

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Today has been another faffy day _ daisy went to the vets for her kennel cough injection, I finished some sewing, did some shopping, ordered the new flooring for the craft room, found a brilliant fathers day present etc.  However I do want to show you the progress that I have made on a block of the month.  These patterns, from Lynette Anderson via Patchwork Chicks, come once a month - along with a button which will be added later.  Wendy and I are both doing the quilt hanging but we started a month behind everyone else.  Block 5 should drop through the letter box at the beginning of June and I dream of being up to date!  Well today I finished block 3 so maybe, just maybe. I stand a chance!  As before, I love the needleturn applique and embroidery but really struggle with the tiny pieces so I am going to try and overcome that with block 4!  I should also add that its a mystery wall hanging - all we know is that it's farm related and that there will be 10 patterns / buttons.  That makes fabric choice difficult - particularly when you are following the picture but haven't been sent the identical fabric.  Ah well - its not too shabby when you start to see the pieces together.


  1. Always good to save money,
    Makes you feel less guilty when you indulge!
    Lynette blocks look fab.
    Ad what can I say about the diet- looks like your finally taking it serious, and maybe able to change your habits,
    Well done.
    See you tomorrow.

  2. Blocks look really nice. Looking forward to seeing them in real life as it were. Pleased Daisy 'enjoyed' the Vets!!!!xxxx

  3. Its really starting to look lovely isn't it :) We all love a bargain aye!