Friday, 13 May 2016

Help - I need a favour ........

Last night, whilst putting the finishing touches to the embroidery block, I received a phone call from mum.  I am sure that we all have that voice that everybody knows - we need a favour - well, she used THAT voice.  Her friend was short of a present idea and could I make her a couple of coasters, gift wrap them and post them - to be in Devon by Saturday.  Eh?  Back up a little - Saturday?

To cut a long story short, said coasters were wrapped - along with a sweet teabag envelope that mum's friend could put inside the birthday card - and at the post office by 9:30am this morning - phew!  Whether it reaches her by tomorrow I don't know - but I've tried.

As I promised, I paid a visit to the recycling centre today - this rubbish plus a back seat full of old bedding that I didn't even want for crafting.  They have a Salvation Army container there so they will go to good use - even if its just the weight that they sell.

Otherwise it was a day of washing, ironing, crafting (I finished this Lynette Anderson block 2 appliqué and then made this small square to go with it - I will embroider the final part tonight and then sew together tomorrow), opening the door to exciting parcels and walking the dogs in strong and very cold winds - just your average day then eh?

Of course today was also the first weigh in of the 5:2 diet.  I can reveal - drum roll please - that I lost an amazing 11 pounds!!!!!!!!  With the weight loss on holiday, that makes 16 pounds in 2 weeks!  Yes I know much is water etc but I will take that result.  Roll on week 2!  Today is a non fast day and, as usual, I am using my fitness pal app to count the calories and check that I am keeping below the 2000 barrier.

As a footnote - I have solved my family's dilemma as to what colour they should paint their whole houses - B & Q sent me an email - within which they were advertising their new colour of paint.  It's not April 1st is it?


  1. Excellent result, would be a bit worried if it was the same result next week but well done. You've obviously had a busy day, good feeling getting rid of all that rubbish!!
    Don't tell your father about the blue paint!!!!.!!xx

    1. I. Thought you could buy everyone a sample pot for Christmas!

  2. Well done- at this rate we will be calling you twiggy soon!

  3. Well that's a thought!!! Could set them a challenge!!!

  4. wow that is great...sounds like this diet really suits you. May have to give it a go myself next week and try to kick start some pound shedding! Well done on the superquick delivery as well!