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Saturday, 28 May 2016

A masterclass in procrastination

Yesterday I received a post office card - a letter requiring my signature needed collection.  So - this would be the third trip into Louth in as many days then!  With no desire to pay for car parking and then brave the half term crowds, I decided to get up early and pop in - the post office collections opens at 7am after all!  So, at ten to 7 (I kid you not), I arrived and was able to park directly outside - for some reason there were few people around at that time!  So - what was this important letter that required all this effort?  Well - it was the deeds to the house - ooh this is real then!

I had earmarked this weekend to make the bag for the WI display so, as soon as I got home (7:30am!!), I, err, had breakfast.  Then it was on to , err, the washing, tidying the kitchen, putting the dishwasher on, sweeping the floor, changing the bed, tidying the lounge, hoovering around - in fact anything that wasn't sewing!  After giving myself a good talking to - I settled down and , err, made the small patchwork block for my fourth Lynette Anderson mystery block of the month.  Well - you have to warm up now don't you?  I will finish the hand embroidery of the heart tonight and put the block together tomorrow.

So, finally, it was time and I changed the ironing board cover (who knew that covers are flat and not bunched up foam!) and ironed the fabric ready to cut the pieces out at least -  and then someone turned up to collect some garden furniture that I was giving away.  Now that there was some new space in the garden I, of course, had to go out, weed some more and arrange the new furniture.   That made absolute sense to me!  Hang on - weeding a patio (and trust me these were BIG weeds) leaves gaps between the flags where soil has been pulled up.  I know - there are 2 half bags of gravel somewhere - so I put that down - really liked it - but only had enough for about a third of the patio.  Okay - so I will put the two small picket fences up to define the space - ah - I need more.  Well - one gap can be filled with a tub - next to the lavender tub.  Oh - wouldn't it be nice to plant another lavender bush.  Where is this going - well I guess another trip to Louth to buy gravel, picket fence and a lavender plant!  You've got to strike whilst the iron is hot now don't you?  It's not finished, and I didn't dare show you the truly awful starting point - but here are my efforts so far.

I also picked up these three cute "hanging baskets" - only £5 each potted up and they simply hook over your fence - job done!

So - how far did I actually get with the bag?  Well the pieces are cut out!  I did think that I might go as far as putting the zip in - but only a fool would do that at the end of a busy day - and I am no fool!  I don't know why I am so hesitant about this - but I think its the fear of ruining Carine's lovely fabric with my efforts


  1. Am very put have your title deeds and we paid our mortgage off ahead of you and don't have ours yet!!
    I think you are right...strike whilst the iron is hot. As for ruining the could never do that!

    1. I know - Halifax said it would take up to 35 days and yet they've come a lot quicker. Mind you - the previous owner had the house built so there's not much in the deeds - not like Mum and Dad's!

  2. I have had to go and lie down in a darkened room. Feel quite dizzy with all that work going on!!! The patio looks lovely, and what a bargain those hanging baskets. We'll! Done. Xxxxx

    1. Hope you feel better soon! The green bin is full now and won't be emptied for a week and a half - so you've got time to recover before I start again.